Book Review: One Last Lie, a Psychological Thriller by Rob Kaufman

The Bottom Line: One of the year’s most original thrillers, One Last Lie is a harrowing tale of love and murder that will make you think twice about reconnecting with old friends.

Jonathan Beckett and his partner, Philip Stone, once dreamed of starting a family. From the beginning they had decided that the sperm would come from Philip, not Jonathan. But when testicular cancer struck Philip at the young age of 32, those dreams were wiped out.

Enter Angela, Philip’s once-flaky college friend who held a secret crush on him before learning he was gay. When, years later, she contacts Philip out of the blue, he invites her to dinner. Jonathan’s sixth-sense goes up immediately, but Philip will hear none of it. He’s expecting the five-foot-tall, 250 pound harmless woman he once called “The Square.” Instead, Angela enters with the physique of a runway model.

Despite the knockout body, Angela is still single. Soon enough, however, her agenda is revealed: “I want to have a child. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted, and now I’m finally ready to do it. I have no significant other in my life and the way things look, I may never find one. When I thought back to all the men I’ve known in my life, there’s only one who stands out.”

To say more would spoil the fun, but it goes without saying that Angela’s proposition comes at a steep price.

Like any good psychological thriller, One Last Lie never lets you get comfortable. Credit Rob Kaufman for dutifully fleshing out the backstory between the three main characters while continually raising the stakes until the story’s explosive climax.



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