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The best medical thriller eBooks for kindle, nook, iBooks and more, including medical police procedurals, stories about biological experiments gone wrong, rogue physicians and more.

Book Review: The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace, by Ellen Byerrum

The Bottom Line: An ingeniously crafted psychological thriller that bewitches on page one and continues to mesmerize until its shocking conclusion. Fans of The Girl on the Train will love it. If you’re a fan of unreliable narrators (think The Girl on the Train, American Psycho or Fight Club), we can’t imagine a better read […]

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The Death Row Complex, a new Medical Thriller by Kristen Elise, PhD

An anonymous warning is sent to the White House, and a genetically engineered biological weapon is released in a California prison. The unpublished data of biologist Katrina Stone may hold the key to harnessing the lethal bacterium—and to its creation within the desperate world from which biotechnology is born. Author Name: Kristen Elise PhDYour Email […]

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Sapient Book by Jerry Kaczmarowski

Book Review: Sapient, a New Techno Thriller by Jerry Kaczmarowski

The Bottom Line: A timeless, engrossing and perfectly-paced techno thriller about the promise – and fear – of modern medical science.Dr. Jane Dixon is singularly obsessed with creating a cure for her severely autistic son, Robbie. Robbie, who is is prone to seizures and is OCD, requires a nanny to help cope with even the most […]

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Younger by Suzanne Munshower

Younger, a new Medical Thriller by Suzanne Munshower

When PR pro Anna Wallingham gets dumped by her last client, she finds herself running out of options in LA, where looks trump experience. Desperate to prove she is still relevant, the fiftysomething accepts a shady job offer from Pierre Barton, secretive billionaire owner of Barton Pharmaceuticals. Isolated in a facility outside London, she agrees […]

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Shattered by John A. Karr

Book Review: Shattered, a Medical Thriller by John A. Karr

The Bottom Line: John A. Karr has reinvented the revenge fantasy with this riveting, relentless and cinematic medical thriller. Have you ever been marginalized, jilted or just plain out rejected? If so, it’s only natural that your thoughts might briefly drift to the dark side before coming to your senses and moving on. John A. […]

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It’s In Her Blood, a New Medical Thriller by S.S. Roswell

When a video of Gail’s son displaying his unusual ability to recall information, a gift that she shares, is released on the Internet, her life overturns, starting with her husband’s disappearance. She faces insurmountable danger, taking lives and putting hers on the line, to save him while dealing with emotional turmoil when she finds out […]

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Block 10 by Stacy Childs

Book Review: Block 10, a New Medical Thriller by Stacy Childs and David Niall Wilson

The Bottom Line: An engrossing, pulse-pounding medical thriller that deftly explores the boundaries of loyalty and science. Luke Cooper is a champion skier who quite literally owes his life to Dr. Henri De Salvo, a practitioner of a wondrous new experimental medical procedure. By the time the novel opens in a French airport – a […]

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The Boys of the Dixie Pig by Stacy Childs

Book Review: The Boys of the Dixie Pig

The Bottom Line: An addictive, rapid-fire medical thriller unlike any you’ve ever experienced. When it comes to the word “cryonics,” the first thought that pops into your head might be the tabloid rumors about Ted Williams’ frozen, severed head being mistreated in some private Arizona facility. So what could be even creepier? Try Exodus Cryonics, […]

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5 Great Medical Thriller eBooks Guaranteed To Give You The Creeps

Did you love Dexter and NCIS? Is the X-File’s Dana Scully your dream date? Then turn off your TV and power up your Kindle, because there’s a wide world of medical thriller eBooks to explore. The plots are far more imaginative and entertaining than anything you’ll currently find on TV. Aside from being arguably among of […]

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The Curiosity Book by Stephen Kiernan

Book Review: The Curiosity, a Sci-Fi Medical Thriller from Stephen P. Kiernan

The Bottom Line: An ethically loaded gripper that delivers on a massive scale. The Curiosity is an irresistible spin on the age-old Lazarus tale that will keep you turning the pages into the wee hours.  Just admit it: each time you read news headlines about the latest human or wooly mammoth uncovered in Arctic ice, some […]

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