Ranking The Best (and Worst of) Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp Books

Vince Flynn

Political Thriller Novelist Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn ushered in his counter-terrorism hero, Mitch Rapp, in the late 1990s and he’s never looked back. The Rapp political thrillers are a consistent best-seller, and despite the surprising fact that none of the books have made the jump to the big screen yet, even the older books in Flynn’s catalog keep selling.

Still, the series has its high and lowpoints. Here’s our take on the best and worst of Vince Flynn to date:

Transfer of Power

This pre-911 novel remains a fan favorite, and for good reason. The stakes have never been higher, as terrorists get past White House security, forcing the President into an underground bunker while they take hostages and start making demands. Rapp gets in through an air duct and causes all kinds of mayhem through a variety of secret passageways.

Vince Flynn's Transfer of Power

Vince Flynn's Transfer of Power

American Assassin

The entry in the Rapp saga isn’t his greatest. Here, we get a Mitch Rapp prequel – essentially the story of how Rapp was trained and other events leading up to the Beruit Embassy bombing of 1983. There are scenes featuring Rapp and a psychologist that have the potential to flesh out Rapp’s character, during which Rapp has the opportunity to define patriotism, revenue, retribution, and more. The end result, unfortunately, is Rapp seeming more black and white in his worldview than ever.

Extreme Measures

The Mitch Rapp series hit a low point in plausibility with this 2008 entry, which finds Rapp edged out page-for-page by another character, Mike Nash, and incessant exposition and dialogue. The formulaic plot in this book could have been summed up in about 20 pages, but it goes nearly 500.

Vince Flynn's Consent to Kill

Vince Flynn's Consent to Kill

Memorial Day

This 2004 entry features Flynn at his best, illustrating in vivid detail how a nuclear weapon might be smuggled into the U.S., and plans to detonate it during Memorial Day celebrations in Washington D.C. Rapp is in top form here, second guessing even the President in convincing manner to ensure that America can sleep well at night.

Consent to Kill

This Rapp outing features Flynn’s crispest writing to date, made all that much more intriguing by the 20 million dollar bounty put on Rapp’s head that makes him the hunted rather than the hunted. Not for long, however, as Rapp goes on the offensive. Even hardcore Rapp haters may find this one irresistible.

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