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Mountain Place of Knowledge

Book Review: The Mountain Place of Knowledge, an Action Thriller by Marshall Chamberlain

The Bottom Line: A winning blend of adventure, archeology, and sci-fi that is tailor-made for James Rollins fans and all thriller lovers. Could the most powerful technology the world has ever known be held within an ancient Mayan site? That’s the question facing Calvin Stanvich, Curator of the Belize Museum of Natural History. When Calvin […]

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Betrayed by Cara Louise

Book Review: Betrayed: A Story of Palestine – Past and Present by Cara Louise

The Bottom Line: A gorgeously written, meticulously researched archaeological mystery. Despite a heavy political message, Betrayed is a satisfying page-turner that is well-worth reading. Betrayed is a story of an American archaeologist living in Jerusalem who believes she may have found the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant, the implications of which have deadly […]

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