Can you Challenge Destiny & Win? Watch the movie trailer of Adjustment Bureau

What would you do if you found out what was in store for you – try to interfere in destiny’s game plan or simply go with the flow? Matt Damon faces just such a dilemma in his latest flick Adjustment Bureau.

David Norris (Damon) is a high profile politician just a breath away from being elected to the U.S. Senate. When he gets a glimpse into the future that Fate has in store for him, he knows he has to change it. To do that he must go get the only woman he has ever fallen in love with – a contemporary ballet dancer Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt). But Fate’s agents-the men from the Adjustment Bureau will do anything to keep David and Elise from getting together.

Written and directed by George Nolfi of the Ocean’s Twelve and The Bourne Ultimatum fame, Adjustment Bureau is adapted from a short story by Philip K. Dick, known for Total Recall, Minority Report anf Blade Runner.

Check out the movie trailer of the Adjustment Bureau right here

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