Movie Trailer of Sanctum – An Underwater 3D Extravaganza from James Cameroon

James Cameroon brings another 3D spectacle to cinemas this February – Sanctum. The movie is based on real life events and gives us a glimpse into the lives and minds of cave divers. Directed by Alister Grierson (Kokoda), the film was shot in Australia with the same technology used for filming Avatar.
Sanctum is a true story about an expedition led by Master Diver Frank Mcguire (Richard Roxburgh) into the only unexplored cave systems in the world, the Esa-Ala caves in the South Pacific.  Frank knows the Esa-Ala very well, he is the best there is. But when he leads a group of explorers including his son (Rhys Wakefield), his financier (Ioan Gruffudd) and others into the caves, his skill and knowledge is tested beyond limits.
The only exit out of the caves he is aware of is cut off by a flash flood. Now, with shrinking supplies, waning spirits and rising discord among the team members, he has to scour another way out into the ocean or perish in the race to the surface. Will he be able to do it? You have to wait until the movie hits the hall to find out. But you could check the movie trailer here.
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