New William Gibson Book Trailer

William Gibson Zero History

William Gibson's Zero History

We’re a bit behind in posting the book trailer for the latest William Gibson techno thriller (it’s been out for a little over a month). However, since the father of techno thrillers bothered to narrate it personally, we can’t let it go. Incidentally, the book has been getting an interesting array of user reviews in recent weeks.

Booklist says:

After a gig investigating “locative art” for the “overly wealthy and dangerously curious” Hubertus Bigend, founder of the trend-forecasting firm Blue Ant (Spook Country, 2007), Hollis Henry finds herself once again under Bigend’s employ. This time she is hired to discover the identity of the designer of a secret brand of clothing called Gabriel Hounds, whom Bigend hopes to enlist in his bid to get into the design, contracting, and manufacture of U.S. military clothing (and its inevitable spin-off into the mainstream consumer market).


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