Thriller Book Awards 2021: announcing a new award series

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the world’s only award series specifically devoted to recognizing amazing mystery and thriller novels across 12 popular subgenres: the Best Thrillers Book Awards.
This fall, thirty-six (36!!!) deserving authors will be recognized. Authors will have a chance to:

-Win $1000 in cash

-Claim top honors with a gold seal

-Earn a silver finalist’s seal

-Be included in press releases, posts on, newsletters and more

Why are we doing this?

First, book awards are an important tool for helping authors stand out from the pack and building a readership.

The second reason? Genre bias. The literary world is brimming with prizes (check out our big list of book awards), but sadly, deserving mystery and thriller authors are largely shunned from the party.

How often do you see a crime thriller or psychological thriller take home the National Book Award, a Pulitzer, a Booker award or any of the other major prizes? Almost never. In addition to genre bias, many mystery and thriller writers simply aren’t eligible for other book awards because of specialized requirements such as gender, religious point of view or career stage. It’s wonderful that so many specialized awards exist, but the result is that genre books rarely get a coveted gold seal.

Meanwhile, the mystery and thriller genre is the second-most read fiction category in the world, behind only Romance and Erotica. Like most fans, we see many highly outstanding books each year that deliver high-octane entertainment while also adding sophisticated insights into the human condition.

The 2021 Overall Book of the Year Winner will receive $1000 in cash, our gold-and-black award seal for their book cover or website, top billing in our awards press release, inclusion in a weekly featured books newsletter and more.

Twelve category winners will receive a winner’s seal for their book cover, a book post on, inclusion in our press release and more. Categories include Action, Historical, Medical, Military, Mystery, Paranormal, Psychological, Romantic Suspense, Sci-Fi and Spy.

Second and third place category finalists receive a press kit including a silver seal for their book cover or website, and a one-sentence quote from for use in book marketing campaigns. See the Contest Rules for details.

So who’s eligible to enter?

Any English-language mystery or thriller published in 2020 or 2021. If your book is not yet published, pre-published manuscripts targeting a release prior to December 31, 2021 will be accepted. See the Contest Rules for more details.

Early entry is open now.

For more information, go to

See you in the winner’s circle!



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