Watch Paul Bettany Kick Vampire-Butt in the Movie Trailer of Priests

Paul Bettany is back on-screen after the debacle that was “Legion” in a post-apocalyptic adventure-horror movie “Priest”. Directed by Scott Stewart and also starring Cam Gigandet and Maggie Q, the movie hits the theaters this May on the very ominous Friday the 13th.

Paul Bettany plays the role of well, a priest, a character which is inspired by a Korean comic book of the same name. Although he is a legendary warrior priest whose tales of bravery in the last Vampire War are well known, Bettany prefers to live an obscure and anonymous life in the walled in cities ruled by the Church. However, he is forced out of retirement when his niece (Lilly Collins) is abducted by vampires.

Determined to prevent his niece from becoming one of the blood-sucking baddies, Bettany breaks his sacred vows and embarks on a violent, action-filled quest accompanied by his niece’s trigger happy sheriff boyfriend (Cam Gigandet) and a kick-ass former warrior priestess (Maggie Q). Catch the movie trailer of Priest and see if it piques your interest enough to pursue it into the theaters.


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