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Books Like Bosch: If You Love Michael Connolly’s Bosch Series, Check Out These Novels

What novels are like the Bosch series? As the second season of Bosch Legacy returns to streaming this week, a question often raised by fans of the beloved Michael Connolly series looking for their next fix. Here are seven crime thriller gems featuring brilliant, angst-ridden detectives who will do anything to ensure justice is served: Thin Air, an LA Noir Crime Novel by Lisa Gray This Storm, an LA Crime Thriller by James Ellroy The Lumbermill, an LA Noir Crime Novel by Laya V Smith Tokyo Traffic, a Crime Novel by Michael Pronko Cold Heart Creek, a Nail-Biting Crime Thriller by Lisa Regan Bring Me Flowers, a Small Town Murder Mystery by D.K. Hood A Thin Line, a Crime Novel by Craig N. Cooper Ashes in Venice, a Crime Thriller by Gojan Nikolich Check out the book reviews below to see full details. Bosch Legacy is Here In 2021, Amazon Prime wrapped up the 7th season of the adaptation of the Bosch series. Next, Bosch Legacy debuted. The increased exposure is sure to send many casual fans ever deeper into the Connolly catalog. Season two out available for streaming now. But just like a fine wine, Bosch books are in limited …

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