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The Best Dean Koontz Books (Updated for 2023)

With more than 100 novels published and a reported 450 million novels sold, is it any wonder that Dean Koontz is one of the most popular writers of all time? Koontz is listed at #2 overall in Amazon’s Author Rank, behind only the inimitable J.K. Rowling. But if you’re new to Koontz’s work, where do you start? Koontz’s books are primarily thrillers, but commonly incorporate elements of horror, science fiction and mystery. And like Stephen King, Koontz seems to have only gotten better with age. Much of his recent work – including his Nameless short story collections – ranks among his best. While Koontz published his first novel way back in 1968, he has truly been at the height of his powers in the 21st century. Here’s our list of Koontz’ best books according to our staff of reviewers and other associates. Check back often, as we’ll update and expand this list over over time. 1) Devoted Following up on his brilliant Nameless story collection, Koontz once again proves that age continues to make his work even more spellbinding and potent. Devoted is a towering achievement that is both suspenseful and full-bodied in terms of character development. Of all the characters Koontz has created …

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