Paranormal Thriller Books

The best paranormal thriller books for kindle, nook, iBooks and more, including vampire fiction, fantasy, dark mysteries and more.

Soul Seeker, the Year’s Best Paranormal Thriller

The Bottom Line: A pulse-pounding paranormal thriller with a timeless feel and a huge heart. Honored in the Best Thriller Book Awards as the Best Paranormal Thriller of 2021. Soul Seeker begins like a fable as Benjamin Poe, the “most hated and feared man to ever live,” asking his attorney to listen to his story. […]

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Blood and Shadows, a Spellbinding Thriller by JP Roth

The Bottom Line: The breathless, spellbinding saga of Cara Wynter continues to the delight of her growing fan base. Blood and Shadows, JP Roth’s second series book, is a seamless continuation of the story that began with Ancient Dreams. That first series book told the tale of Cara Wynter, a daughter of witches who struggles […]

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Ancient Dreams, a Miraculous and Magical Witch Tale by JP Roth

The Bottom Line: A heady potion of pure magic awaits readers of this modern-day witch tale. What do you do when you’re the daughter of witches, but all you want is to be normal? Literature student Cara Wynter has inherited the gift of psychometry, a form of extra sensory perception which allows her to touch […]

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Oak Hollow, a Harrowing Horror Novel by Dan McDowell

The Bottom Line: Harrowing hotel horrors continue in this satisfying follow-up to Level Zero. The second entry in ’s Nightmare in Riverton series begins as Nancy Helbens Richards and her husband, Ron, quibble about money and appear to be on the brink of divorce. But those problems pale in comparison to external forces. First, photos […]

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List of the best Stephen King Books

The Best Stephen King Audiobooks Ranked In Order (Updated for 2021!)

Newly updated to include King’s newest novel, Billy Summers! The reigning master of suspense is the author of more than 50 books and audiobooks, all of which have been international bestsellers, and many have been translated to the screen. The names are instantly recognizable:  It. Pet Cemetery. Misery. Thinner. All instant classics, and yet King’s craft seems […]

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Where the Briars Sleep, a Terrifying Gothic Horror Novel by Emma Beavan

The Bottom Line: Jane Eyre meets The Haunting of Hill House. A terrifying gothic horror novel that readers won’t soon forget. Set in the early 1800s, author Emma Beavan delivers a deliciously twisted tale of three sisters and the family secrets that threaten to haunt them all. After the passing of their stepsister, Sarah, sisters Rose and Maggie […]

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The Devil and the Dark Water, an Unforgettable Historical Thriller by Stuart Turton

The Bottom Line: A highly visceral and engaging whodunnit set in the 1600s. Samuel Pipps, the world’s greatest detective, is being transported to Amsterdam to be executed. Traveling with him is his loyal bodyguard, Arent Hayes, who is determined to prove his friend innocent. En route to boarding the ship, Pipps is pelted with stones […]

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Authors like Dan Brown

Authors Like Dan Brown You Haven’t Read Yet

Great news for Dan Brown fans: Peacock is developing a series based on Dan Brown’s iconic Robert Langdon character. Expect renewed interest in both the Langdon novels and Dan Brown’s impressive catalog. Yes, there’s a lot more to Dan Brown than his Robert Langdon series. But when people think of Brown, they naturally think of […]

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Later, a Remarkable Paranormal Thriller by Stephen King

The Bottom Line: King has written about kids who see dead people before, but never quite like this. With The Shining and select other stories, Stephen King practically invented what is now a subgenre of the paranormal thriller category centered around children’s ability to see dead people. In Later, he delivers a fresh take on […]

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