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Authors like Dan Brown

Authors Like Dan Brown You Haven’t Read Yet

Great news for Dan Brown fans: Peacock is developing a series based on Dan Brown’s iconic Robert Langdon character. Expect renewed interest in both the Langdon novels and Dan Brown’s impressive catalog. Yes, there’s a lot more to Dan Brown than his Robert Langdon series. But when people think of Brown, they naturally think of […]

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Unnatural, a Fascinating Medical Thriller by Deven Greene

The Bottom Line: A fascinating and thought-provoking medical thriller about the ethical dilemmas posed by genetic manipulation. Dr. Erica Rosen has decided to quit her job at the UC San Francisco pediatric clinic, but her passion for helping people is undimmed. When she spots a Chinese girl with blue eyes, she immediately suspects that the […]

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The Survivor, a High-Stakes Vatican Thriller by John Zodrow

The Bottom Line: A taut, finely polished Vatican thriller with the highest possible stakes. In John Zodrow’s latest novel, the discovery of an ancient document reveals a shocking secret that has been concealed for centuries. The Survivor begins in Rome with a murder investigation. The body of a deceased priest, Father Bobby, has just arrived […]

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Elsewhere, a Compelling Sci-Fi Thriller by Dean Koontz

The Bottom Line: A must-read for Koontz fans, but avoid the audiobook version. In Koontz’s latest novel, a father named Jeffy and his daughter Amity befriend a homeless man known as Spooky Ed. While it’s clear that Ed is highly intelligent and likely harmless, he sparks fear when he entrusts them a device he refers […]

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Beyond Revelation, a Bold Political Thriller by John Hazen

The Bottom Line: Hazen cooks up one of his most compelling conspiracies yet in this fast-paced series entry. The third book in John Hazen’s Vega Series finds the intrepid TV news anchor Francine Vega in a new role. She’s now CEO of Westbrook Broadcasting Corporation, which is just three months old. As the novel opens, […]

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COLOGNE DISEASE, a Jaw-Dropping Historical Thriller by J.K. Lang

The Bottom Line: A timely and atmospheric historical thriller that is tailor-made for fans of Steve Berry and Dan Brown. Set in Cologne, Germany, J.K. Lang’s novel begins as the city is celebrating its annual Carnival festival – a perfect breeding ground for plague. Meanwhile at the University of Cologne, dean Magnus Berger is confronted […]

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The Order, One of the Year’s Best Thrillers

The Bottom Line: Just when you thought the world didn’t need another Vatican thriller, Danial Silva proves otherwise. One of the year’s best thrillers. It seems that legendary auteur Daniel Silva is only getting better as the decades roll past. How else can we explain that his new Vatican thriller, The Order, succeed wildly even […]

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Code of the Assassin, an Essential Assassination Thriller by Bill Brewer

The Bottom Line: Essential reading for any fan of assassination thrillers, Code of the Assassin may be Brewers’ best book yet.    Bill Brewer’s third David Diegert series book picks up where Blood of the Assassin left off, and also infuses his trademark action with riveting philosophical and economic dimensions. For the uninitiated, David is a […]

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The Cumal Files, a Fast-Paced Crime Thriller by James Keegan

The Bottom Line: A fast-paced crime thriller featuring a memorable crime syndicate readers will never forget. James Keegan’s debut novel centers around an Australian secret society that uses a pagan belief system to justify sexual slavery and other criminal activities. Enter Sydney police investigator Dan Porter, who becomes obsessed with the disappearance of dozens of […]

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Murder LLC, a High-Octane Conspiracy Thriller by Bryan Cassiday

The Bottom Line: LA Noir meets International Espionage in this high-octane, edge-of-your-seat gem. Highly recommended for Michael Connelly fans. For fans of hard-boiled crime fiction, it’s hard to imagine a better opening than what Bryan Cassiday delivers in the first chapter of Murder LLC: three hitmen dressed as nuns blowing up a small Catholic church […]

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