Conspiracy Thriller Books

The best conspiracy thriller books, including both new and established writers from every corner of the earth.

Holding Patterns, a Fast-Paced Financial Thriller by James Chesterton

The Bottom Line: A fast-paced, pulse-pounding financial thriller that Sheldon Seigal fans will love. It’s 2016, and Julian Maslow, an operations manager at global investment bank CFK, is staring down an accusation that he stole 16 million dollars. To say nothing of his reputation, this could mean the destruction of his luxe, full-grain leather lifestyle. He’s […]

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Yearn to Fear, the Year’s Best Spy Thriller!

The Bottom Line: High-stakes tech meets romantic suspense in this heart-pounding thriller.  Voted the Best Spy Thriller of 2021. Scientist Marcus Hall’s new invention, the Marc1, is a breakthrough in 5G technology. But it’s also a marvel of neuroscience. After causing drowsiness and deep sleep, it hyper-stimulates emotions while turning off higher-functioning brain activity. While […]

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Sometimes I Disappear, a Highly Satisfying Dystopian Tale by Steve Attridge

The Bottom Line: The Road meets Divergence in this compelling and brutal dystopian tale of survival. In a world of vanquished and crushed souls reeling from devastating viral outbreaks, Alison is doing her best to navigate an existence that has seen the brutal destruction of her husband and daughter as well as most animals, save […]

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Unwitting, a Gripping Medical Thriller by Deven Greene

The Bottom Line: Terrorism, greed, genetics and politics collide in this complex and gripping thriller. In her previous Dr. Erica Rosen MD series book Unnatural, the pediatrician stumbled upon a program to develop Olympic athletes by manipulating the genes in embryonic stem cells. While that storyline reverberates in Unwitting, Erica’s focus soon becomes the investigation […]

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The Auction, a Next-Level Dystopian Thriller by Tom Galvin

The Bottom Line: A next-level dystopian thriller that is among the year’s most exciting debut novels. What if your financial earning potential was determined solely by an auction — and your future went to the highest bidder? It’s 2050, and 22-year-old Sasha Cross is about to enter The Auction, where America’s Big 7 companies will bid on Series […]

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Falling, a Must-Read Psychological Thriller by T.J. Newman

In T.J. Newman’s new thriller, a commercial aircraft pilot is leaving his home just as a repairman shows up to fix the Internet. He doesn’t give it much thought, distracted by his wife’s ire over the fact that he’s missing his son’s game. What neither of him understand is that the repairman is in fact […]

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The Theseus Conspiracy, a Full-Throttle Military Thriller by Victor Alvarez

The Bottom Line: A vivid, full-throttle military thriller featuring a villain that readers will never forget. In the eagerly awaited follow up to Victor Alvarez’ first Jacqueline Sinclair thriller, Requiem for the Dead, the Army’s counterterrorism ace is again tasked with stopping a potential global catastrophe. As the book opens, an American SEAL team is […]

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The Export’s Revenge, a Highly Recommended Action Thriller by J.K. Kelly

The Bottom Line: A first-rate action thriller that manages to be highly personal while delivering regular doses of ferocious action. Export’s Revenge opens on a luxury yacht off the coast of Thailand where series hero Matt Christopher, aka “the export,” has been hired to provide security. Despite partnering with Sam Norton, Matt is forced to […]

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Authors like Dan Brown

Authors Like Dan Brown You Haven’t Read Yet

Great news for Dan Brown fans: Peacock is developing a series based on Dan Brown’s iconic Robert Langdon character. Expect renewed interest in both the Langdon novels and Dan Brown’s impressive catalog. Yes, there’s a lot more to Dan Brown than his Robert Langdon series. But when people think of Brown, they naturally think of […]

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Unnatural, a Fascinating Medical Thriller by Deven Greene

The Bottom Line: A fascinating and thought-provoking medical thriller about the ethical dilemmas posed by genetic manipulation. Dr. Erica Rosen has decided to quit her job at the UC San Francisco pediatric clinic, but her passion for helping people is undimmed. When she spots a Chinese girl with blue eyes, she immediately suspects that the […]

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