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The best mystery eBooks for kindle, nook, iBooks and more, including cozy mysteries, whodunnits, crime thrillers and more.

The Best Crime Thriller Books of the Decade (2010-2020)

The 2010s was a decade chock full of amazing mysteries and thrillers. In particular, the crime thriller genre – inclusive of detective fiction, FBI thrillers, serial killer fiction, heist thrillers, police procedurals and many other whodunnits – has burned brightly. While the genre’s old guard continued to crank out plenty of winners, the decade’s best […]

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What Happened Last Night, a Spellbinding Crime Thriller by Cole Baxter

The Bottom Line: A spellbinding crime thriller bolstered by a razor-sharp audiobook performance. Perfect for Michael Connelly fans looking for another dose of LA noir. In this twisty whodunnit, LAPD detective Jamie Del Rey investigates the death of 19-year-old Candy Xavier. Her body was found on the lawn of a Hollywood Hills home belonging to […]

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Writers Like Janet Evanovich

Since the 1996 novel One For the Money, Janet Evanovich has been the gold standard among humorous mystery novelists. The book featured Stephanie Plum, a former lingerie buyer who becomes a bounty hunter to make ends meet after losing her job. Plum often finds herself in hilarious conundrums as she goes about her business. There […]

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List of the best Stephen King Books

The Best Stephen King Audiobooks Ranked In Order (Updated for 2021!)

Newly updated to include King’s newest novel, If It Bleeds! The reigning master of suspense is the author of more than 50 books and audiobooks, all of which have been international bestsellers, and many have been translated to the screen. The names are instantly recognizable:  It. Pet Cemetery. Misery. Thinner. All instant classics, and yet King’s craft […]

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Secrets of the Chimes, a Standout Holiday Murder Mystery by John Vance

The Bottom Line:  A standout holiday murder mystery that is a must-read for fans of A Christmas Carol. Highly recommended. Pour yourself a brandy, slide into a pair of velvet loafers and cozy up by the fire to savor this perfectly timed murder mystery that centers around one of Charles Dickens’ little-known Christmas novellas (fact: The Chimes is […]

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Fatal Decision, a Seductive Thriller by T.K. Wolf

The Bottom Line: A seductive, action-packed thriller that has a stiletto-clad foot on the gas for the entire ride. In T.K. Wolf’s debut novel, a career assassin gets recruited for one last job with the shadow organization she had escaped. After finally slipping free from Delphi, the multinational shadow organization that molded Harker into a highly […]

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The Cry of the Lake, an Unforgettable Crime Thriller by Charlie Tyler

The Bottom Line: An unforgettable small town crime thriller by one of the genre’s most exciting new voices. Charlie Tyler’s debut novel begins as six-year-old Lily discovers a dead body and, with the help of her sister, dumps it in a lake. The deceased is Amelie Townsend, a student of Lily’s father, who is a […]

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Trading Secrets, an Absolute Page Turner by Rachael Eckles

The Bottom Line: A stylish, fierce, globetrotting crime thriller that fans of Janelle Brown and Kimberly McCreight will fall for. Finance executive Celeste Donovan can have most anyone and anything she wants within reason. But behind the facade lies a history of domestic abuse, financial crime and a trail of anonymous lovers. A war with […]

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Saving Grace, a Witty Whodunnit by D.M. Barr

The Bottom Line: A witty whodunnit that fans of Janet Evanovich will love. Saving Grace opens with a bang as hacker Joe “Hack” Hackford is on the phone with his sister, novelist Lynn Andrews. Both are mixed up in a wacky extortion scheme with paranoid heiress Grace Pierrepoint Rendell, who has recently gone off a […]

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Death on the High Seas, a Globetrotting Crime Thriller by Richard V Rupp

The Bottom Line: An escapist, globetrotting crime thriller that is as fun as it is sophisticated. When FBI special agent Dick Hartmann accepts the offer of a free Caribbean cruise, he seems to understand that in crime fiction, there are no real vacations for criminal investigators. Upon boarding the ship, he pays a courtesy call […]

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