Terrorism Thriller Books

The best terrorism thrillers from both new and established writers.

Unwitting, a Gripping Medical Thriller by Deven Greene

The Bottom Line: Terrorism, greed, genetics and politics collide in this complex and gripping thriller. In her previous Dr. Erica Rosen MD series book Unnatural, the pediatrician stumbled upon a program to develop Olympic athletes by manipulating the genes in embryonic stem cells. While that storyline reverberates in Unwitting, Erica’s focus soon becomes the investigation […]

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Biostorm (Vector), a Soaring Terrorism Thriller by Anthony J. Melchiorri

The Bottom Line: A soaring terrorism thriller that is as cinematic as it is breathtaking. Highly recommended. Scientist Felix Breners has identified a potentially deadly microorganism in China. Unfortunately, he doesn’t plan to take his discovery to the authorities. If Breners’ intercepted communications are any indication, he may sell the information to the highest bidder, […]

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Brad Thor

10 Authors Like Brad Thor

Since the debut of his first novel in 2002, Brad Thor has become the gold standard for fans of military fiction, terrorism thrillers and political thrillers. But what happens when ravenous fans polish off Thor’s terrific back catalogue? I’m often asked by our readers: what are the best writers like Brad Thor? If you love […]

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Unseen: Evil Lurks Among Us, a Sophisticated Crime Thriller by Jeffrey James Higgins

The Bottom Line: A sophisticated crime thriller that simmers with menace, passion and heart. Malachai Wolf had planned to follow in his father’s footsteps by pursuing a PhD in economics. But when his father was killed in the Boston Marathon bombing, he decided to dedicate his life to the pursuit of justice. As Unseen begins, […]

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The Light Reapers, a Chilling Terrorism Thriller by Gary Hickman

The Bottom Line: A chilling terrorism thriller tailor-made for fans of I Am Pilgrim and World War Z. A joint effort between German and Dutch scientists to cure Alzheimers and other neurological disorders could have changed the world for the better. Instead, the formula has fallen into the hands of terrorists. By the time the U.S. Army’s […]

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Operation Caliph, a Gripping Terrorism Thriller

The Bottom Line: Operation Caliph breathes new life into the post-9/11 terrorism thriller genre. Gripping from beginning to end. The third book in G.J. Rayner & E.M. Rayner’s 9/11-era-themed series opens during a July 4th celebration in 2002, where a terror attack claims at least 25 lives and wounds over 100. Ibrahim Haddad, and his […]

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An Evil Trade, an Extraordinary Terrorism Thriller by Kenneth Eade

The Bottom Line: An extraordinary terrorism thriller that feels both timeless and urgent. As the fifth book in Kenneth Eade’s Paladine series opens, we find Assassin Robert Garcia at the Syrian border with Turkey. Having completed his mission to rescue Ayisha Cullen, an assassin who had infiltrated an ISIS refugee smuggling ring, he’s on his […]

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Beyond Revelation, a Bold Political Thriller by John Hazen

The Bottom Line: Hazen cooks up one of his most compelling conspiracies yet in this fast-paced series entry. The third book in John Hazen’s Vega Series finds the intrepid TV news anchor Francine Vega in a new role. She’s now CEO of Westbrook Broadcasting Corporation, which is just three months old. As the novel opens, […]

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The Order, One of the Year’s Best Thrillers

The Bottom Line: Just when you thought the world didn’t need another Vatican thriller, Danial Silva proves otherwise. One of the year’s best thrillers. It seems that legendary auteur Daniel Silva is only getting better as the decades roll past. How else can we explain that his new Vatican thriller, The Order, succeed wildly even […]

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Operation Sandstorm, a Riveting Terrorism Thriller by G.J. Rayner & E.M. Rayner

The Bottom Line: An action-packed tale of money, war and extremism that threatens the world as we know it. Operation Sandstorm pits the wealth, vision and egos of two sprawling tycoons against each other. Representing the West both geographically and metaphorically is Cyrus L. Livingston, CEO & President of Livingston Tec. Livingston is invested in […]

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