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The best military thriller eBooks for kindle, nook, iBooks and more, including war fiction, conspiracy fiction, assassination thrillers, sniper stories and more.

The Silver Waterfall, the Year’s Best Historical Thriller

The Bottom Line: Honored in the Best Thriller Book Awards as the Best Historical Thriller of 2021. In the desolate middle of the largest ocean on earth, two great navies met, one bent on conclusive battle, the other lying in ambush. Six months after Pearl Harbor, Yamamoto again crossed the Pacific with the most powerful […]

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Treason Flight, the Year’s Best Military Thriller

Bottom Line: This blockbuster military thriller is the next best thing to sitting in the cockpit. A must-read for fans of Marc Cameron and C.W. Lemoine.  Voted the Best Military Thriller of 2021. Navy pilot Jack “Rattler” Owen is a skilled pilot on combat deployment in the Persian Gulf. Long deployments have strained his marriage […]

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Brad Thor

10 Authors Like Brad Thor

Since the debut of his first novel in 2002, Brad Thor has become the gold standard for fans of military fiction, terrorism thrillers and political thrillers. But what happens when ravenous fans polish off Thor’s terrific back catalogue? I’m often asked by our readers: what are the best writers like Brad Thor? If you love […]

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The Theseus Conspiracy, a Full-Throttle Military Thriller by Victor Alvarez

The Bottom Line: A vivid, full-throttle military thriller featuring a villain that readers will never forget. In the eagerly awaited follow up to Victor Alvarez’ first Jacqueline Sinclair thriller, Requiem for the Dead, the Army’s counterterrorism ace is again tasked with stopping a potential global catastrophe. As the book opens, an American SEAL team is […]

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Billy Summers, an Absorbing Assassination Thriller by Stephen King

The Bottom Line: A masterfully told assassination thriller about about vengeance, love and redemption. Stephen King’s latest centers around an American sniper and decorated Iraq war veteran named Billy Summers. Billy is a killer for hire with a strong moral compass. To hire Billy, he has to believe that his target is truly a bad […]

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The Light Reapers, a Chilling Terrorism Thriller by Gary Hickman

The Bottom Line: A chilling terrorism thriller tailor-made for fans of I Am Pilgrim and World War Z. A joint effort between German and Dutch scientists to cure Alzheimers and other neurological disorders could have changed the world for the better. Instead, the formula has fallen into the hands of terrorists. By the time the U.S. Army’s […]

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One Kingdom Under Heaven, a First-Rate Military Thriller by Alastair Luft

The Bottom Line: A first-rate military thriller that dares to imagine a war between China and the United States in vivid, mesmerizing and highly personal detail. One Kingdom Under Heaven opens as Chinese military leadership interrogates retired Navy Seal Malcolm Kwong, whose team of assassins infiltrated the Great Hall and murdered half the Politburo Standing […]

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An Evil Trade, an Extraordinary Terrorism Thriller by Kenneth Eade

The Bottom Line: An extraordinary terrorism thriller that feels both timeless and urgent. As the fifth book in Kenneth Eade’s Paladine series opens, we find Assassin Robert Garcia at the Syrian border with Turkey. Having completed his mission to rescue Ayisha Cullen, an assassin who had infiltrated an ISIS refugee smuggling ring, he’s on his […]

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Killing Mercury, a Hard-Hitting Military Thriller by Anderson Harp

The Bottom Line:  A hard-hitting, immersive military thriller filled with satisfying character arcs and vivid tableaus of exotic destinations. Highly recommended. Decorated Marine William Parker is catapulted back into action when a high-value al-Qaeda ringleader purportedly killed by the U.S. decides to enact revenge for the drone strike that targeted him and killed his wife […]

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Operation Sandstorm, a Riveting Terrorism Thriller by G.J. Rayner & E.M. Rayner

The Bottom Line: An action-packed tale of money, war and extremism that threatens the world as we know it. Operation Sandstorm pits the wealth, vision and egos of two sprawling tycoons against each other. Representing the West both geographically and metaphorically is Cyrus L. Livingston, CEO & President of Livingston Tec. Livingston is invested in […]

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