Book Review: With Intent To Deceive, a New Crime Thriller by David DeLee

The Bottom Line: An adrenaline-fueled ladycop thriller jam-packed with fast cars, gun battles and deliciously gut-wrenching moral dilemmas.

The latest installment of David DeLee’s Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter series pits the author’s heroine against her good friend, County Sheriff’s Deputy Suzie Jensen. The book opens to an action sequence in which Suzie is thrust into a car chase. Not that she minds: “The adrenaline rush beat any high she’d ever experienced, illegal or otherwise. The thrill of the chase, making the bust—the exhilaration, the excitement. It was better than sex.”

In short order, Suzie is called to the crime scene that will rock not only little Dublin, Ohio, but also the friendship between her and Grace: Suburban wife Rhona Hazen is accused of killing her husband, Halim. And it so happens that Rhona and Suzie are friends, the two having bonded over – what else? – pilates classes at the gym.

As you might expect, Rhona is charged with murder. But the novel takes a decidedly juicy turn when Rhona decides to jump bail. How far will Suzie go to protect her friend? Once Suzie’s .38 LadySmith revolver makes an appearance, you know it’s going to go off sooner or later. The ensuing plot is a race against time in which nobody – including Grace and Suzie – is safe.

Fans of Karen Slaughter’s recent hit crime thriller Cop Town are going to find plenty to like here, and those who haven’t already delved into the Grace deHaviland series needn’t worry – With Intent to Deceive is a solid stand alone novel. DeLee, who is himself a former private investigator, has ensured that this and any of his books will make a solid entry point.

Bella Wright

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