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The Best Thriller Books of 2021 So Far

2021 has been an amazing year for mystery and thriller fans so far. From pulse-pounding paranormal thrillers to romantic suspense, crime, historical thrillers and more, fans of been treated to a virtual library filled with new treasures. So who is on our mid-year list? Debut novelist T.J. Newman is a standout. Newman’s terrifying thriller about […]

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A Quantum Alibi, an Addictive Murder Mystery by Liam Fialkov

The Bottom Line: Murder mystery meets quantum fiction in this addictive, cinematic novel from the author of The Newton Code. Liam Fialkov’s latest novel opens with a lecture at Columbia University by Professor Patrick Eldrige, an authority on quantum physics. Eldridge makes a bold claim: after the lecture, he will travel to another reality and be […]

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Authors Like John Grisham

Looking for authors like John Grisham? Check out our list of authors that you’re likely to enjoy below. The characters in Grisham novels typically represent a noble hero with a singular, unwavering focus on delivering justice. The attorneys in his books are often sleuths, going far beyond the normal call of duty to ensure a […]

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Deadly Driver, a Must-Read Spy Thriller for Race Fans

The Bottom Line: A true original among spy thrillers and a must-read for race fans. Deadly Driver begins at a party prior to the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi. While mingling among fashion models, celebrity athletes and fans, Russian oligarch Gregori Ivanova is assassinated with a nickel-sized explosive device planted on his cap. And the […]

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Kill Shot book cover by Vince Flynn

Ranking The Best of Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp Books

Vince Flynn ushered in his counter-terrorism hero, Mitch Rapp, in the late 1990s and never looked back. His Mitch Rapp political thrillers are reliable best-sellers, and even after Flynn died far too young at age 47, the series continues through author Kyle Mills, who has done incredibly well with big shoes to fill. The Rapp […]

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The Money, a Superb Legal Thriller by David Klein

The Bottom Line: A superb, action-packed legal thriller with a heart of gold. Defense attorney Henry Krakow has made a career out of representing small time clients living on the fringe. Most don’t pay, and when they do, it’s often via questionable means. His wife Olivia is a moneyed high-powered public relations executive who is […]

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Authors like Dan Brown

Authors Like Dan Brown You Haven’t Read Yet

Great news for Dan Brown fans: Peacock is developing a series based on Dan Brown’s iconic Robert Langdon character. Expect renewed interest in both the Langdon novels and Dan Brown’s impressive catalog. Yes, there’s a lot more to Dan Brown than his Robert Langdon series. But when people think of Brown, they naturally think of […]

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Later, a Remarkable Paranormal Thriller by Stephen King

The Bottom Line: King has written about kids who see dead people before, but never quite like this. With The Shining and select other stories, Stephen King practically invented what is now a subgenre of the paranormal thriller category centered around children’s ability to see dead people. In Later, he delivers a fresh take on […]

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Too Many Women, Too Little Time, an Irreverent Crime Thriller by David William Pearce

The Bottom Line: An irreverent, offbeat crime thriller featuring a memorable protagonist and a quirky cast of gangsters. For a man whose primary job is delivering packages for an LA law firm, Monk Buttman lives a complicated life. He owns the Moonlight Arms, a complex of bungalows that he purchased with what might be found […]

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