The 2024 Book Awards

The award series specifically devoted to recognizing amazing mystery and thriller novels across 15 categories.

Thriller book awards

Get Noticed. Grow Sales.

The book awards helps deserving authors stand out from the pack.

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Awarded to Book of the Year




Category Finalists

Be One of 16 Winners

The 2024 Overall Book of the Year Winner will receive $1,000 in cash. Our 15 category finalists will receive our gold-and-black award seal, their book featured in our popular “Best Of The Year” post, permanent listing on the website, inclusion in the featured books email newsletter, social channels and more.

Be One of 60 Finalists

Up to sixty category finalists will receive a silver seal for their book cover or website, inclusion in an article announcing the contest winners and finalists, and a one-sentence quote from for use in book marketing campaigns.

Thriller book awards finalists and winners

2024 Award Series Categories

Award categories focus on the sub-genres mystery & thriller fans are most consistently passionate about. These categories are broad enough to be inclusive for almost any title, but specific enough to help authors grow their audience.


Action Thriller
Conspiracy Thriller
Crime Thriller
Fantasy & Dystopian
Historical Thriller


Legal Thriller
Medical Thriller
Military Thriller


Political Thriller
Sci-Fi Thriller
Spy Thriller

Notable Past Winners

Frequently Asked Questions

What books are Eligible?

Any English-language mystery or thriller published in 2023 or 2024 is eligible. See detailed terms and conditions here.

What is the entry deadline?

The early entry period began on March 24 2024, with discounts for early entries ending on May 31 2024. The final deadline for entry is September 30 2024.

What if my book is not published yet?

If your book is not yet published, but is targeting a publication date prior to December 31, 2024, it is eligible. See detailed terms and conditions here.

Is there a discount for entering in multiple categories?

Yes. With acknowledgement that few books fit neatly into any single sub-genre, each category entry is ultimately routed to separate judges specializing in specific sub-genres. Enter in two or more categories and receive an automatic 25% discount at checkout. See detailed terms and conditions here.

When will winners be announced?

Winners will be notified in November 2024. The public “Best Thrillers of 2024” campaign will begin in early December 2024 and continue through December 31. See detailed terms and conditions here.

Who won last year?

Winners and finalists included both first-time novelists and established writers from several countries across 15 categories. See the 2023 complete list of winners and finalists here.

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