Bred in the Bone, a Taut Crime Thriller by Kendra Elliot

The Bottom Line: A perfect read for your next flight.

Novella-length mysteries and thrillers are surging in popularity, and few do the medium better than Kendra Elliot.

In her latest, FBI special agent Cate Wilde investigates what appears to be a deadly hit-and-run. But as she soon learns, the the victim may have been involved in a crime that Cate knows all too well – the disappearance of her best friend at age 14.

In a brisk 86 pages, Elliot fleshes out a fully realized universe on Widow’s Island that rivals any novel-length small town setting. And like any good small town mystery, we’re treated to a pandora’s box of secrets that point to a number of potential killers.

Most importantly, Cate is especially well-drawn, and her desire – to bring closure to a case that has haunted her entire life – quickly becomes our own.

The Kindle version is strongly recommended, as narrator Christine Williams turns in a competent but oddly robotic performance in the audio version.

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