Bucharest Legacy: The Rise of the Oligarchs, the Year’s Best Spy Thriller

The Bottom LineWinner, Spy Thriller, The BestThrillers.com Book Awards. Highly recommended.

best spy thriller book

CIA agent Bill Hefflin is back in Bucharest—immersed in a cauldron of spies and crooked politicians

The CIA is rocked to its core when a KGB defector divulges that there is a KGB mole inside the Agency.

They learn that the mole’s handler is a KGB agent known as Boris.

CIA analyst Bill Hefflin knows that Boris is the code name of Hefflin’s longtime KGB asset.

If the defector is correct, Hefflin realizes Boris must be a triple agent, and his supposed mole has been passing false intel to Hefflin and the CIA.

What’s more, this makes Hefflin the prime suspect as the KGB mole inside the Agency.

Hefflin is given a chance to prove his innocence by returning to his city of birth, Bucharest, Romania, to find Boris and track down the identity of the mole.

It’s been three years since the bloody revolution, and what he finds is a cauldron of spies, crooked politicians, and a country controlled by the underground and the new oligarchs, all of whom want to find Boris.

But Hefflin has a secret that no one else knows—Boris has been dead for over a year.

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