Depth of Lies, an Irresistable Whodunit by E.C. Diskin

The Bottom Line: Fans looking for a twist on classic mysteries and thrillers will find Depth of Lies to be an unexpected favorite. Readers hungry for a different perspective on whodunits will find plenty to love.

Many writers play with the idea of shattering the perfect veneer of suburban life with intrigue and mystery, but E.C. Diskin’s work does it with polish and a freshness that’ll keep hearts racing.

When a mysterious death by suicide rocks a quiet, tight-knit community, friends and neighbors are forced to look under the surface and behind picket fences. Shea, a seemingly perfect mom who had it all, is found in her bathtub. No, it’s not a bloody murder. Instead, it’s a suicide.

Her friends, including the instantly irresistible Kat Burrows are dead set on figuring out how Shea, always so calm and collected, managed to overdose on narcotics and alcohol. As she digs deeper into Shea’s past, Kat discovers that underneath the pizza, Chardonnay, and book club, there was more than she could have imagined.

Diskin’s jumps in time provides the deft transitions from Shea’s point of view and Kat’s narration keep things moving quickly without overwhelming. Kat’s amateur detective work is a refreshing point of view, especially for mystery vets accustomed to professional spies and trained government operatives. As Kat’s investigation intensifies beyond her suburban paradise, readers follow her as her world expands, a nice touch from Diskin that is sure to please.

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