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The 21 Best Legal Thrillers of the 21st Century, Ranked

Conflicted, flawed lawyers. Trials about twisted crimes. Ninth-hour evidence discoveries. Few things in American culture create as much tension as our legal system, which is why courtrooms, law offices, and even the Supreme Court can make perfect backdrops for thrillers. The masters of the legal thriller—a genre that routinely tops the bestsellers lists—have been doing […]

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Flagstaff Station, a Rollercoaster Legal Thriller by John Ellsworth

The Bottom Line: The resurrection of Ellsworth’s popular hero Thaddeus Murfee is a great entry point for new fans. The first book in the new Justice Series finds Flagstaff, Arizona attorney Thaddeus Murfee agreeing to help Special Agent Donnie Francisco as he faces down the Vittini mob. As you might imagine, Murfee soon finds himself […]

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The Trial Lawyer by John Ellsworth

Book Review: The Trial Lawyer, a Legal Thriller by John Ellsworth

The Bottom Line: The Trial Lawyer has everything you could ask for in a legal thriller – edgy courtroom drama, an intrepid defense attorney and a volatile client whose behavior threatens to collapse his own case like a house of cards. The book firmly establishes Ellsworth among an elite group of legal thriller authors. The […]

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