The Fragment Murder, a Sexy Conspiracy Thriller by Andrew Bonar

The Bottom Line: A sexy conspiracy thriller with jaw-dropping twists that will have readers anxiously awaiting the next series installment. 

The sequel to Andrew Bonar’s Back Bay Murders continues the story of amorous crimefighting duo Drew Law and Ashley Tinder, as well as “the Organization.”

As the book opens, Drew has just been the focus of a 60 Minutes segment, making him the country’s most in-demand private investigator. As Law & Tinder Investigations opens an office in a Victorian in suburban Boston, the phone is ringing off the hook. Most potential clients are turned off by the firm’s rates, but for New Yorker Nora MacDonnell, no price seems to be too high. 

Nora lost her granddaughter, Alicia, under what she believes are suspicious circumstances. The police have shut the case down, citing death due to natural causes. Nora wants Law & Tinder to come to New York immediately, and she doesn’t care what it costs.

Once in the city, Drew and Ashley are met by Nora’s attorney, Frank, who offers insights into what was and wasn’t known about Alicia’s medical condition and private life. Among the more juicy bits is a possible link to a puzzling neurological disorder. In the chapters before and during the investigation, Bonar offers potent glimpses into Alicia’s life (as well as her death). For significant portions of the book, readers can expect to know far more than Drew and Ashley about what they’re up against. Thankfully, Bonar holds back just enough information to create mystery as the duo make inroads into solving this compelling puzzle.

Meanwhile, ample time is devoted to the inner workings and human drama within the Organization. Elle, daughter of the group’s founder, learns information that shakes her faith to the core. To fully appreciate and understand the storyline, readers are strongly encouraged to read Back Bay Murders prior to starting on Book 2.

Further differentiating the series from others in the crime fiction landscape, Drew and Ashley share a polyamorous relationship. While the book works well on the merits of its primary plot, the story’s believable, lighthearted romantic suspense – as well as its explicit sexual content – deliver an added dimension that is sure to have readers anxiously awaiting the third series book.

Bella Wright

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