The Girl in the Blue Blazer, a Spellbinding Revenge Thriller by Alretha Thomas

The Bottom Line: A spellbinding, cathartic revenge thriller that will leave readers both unnerved and satisfied. 

The Girl in the Blue Blazer opens as two women – Pamela Carter and Veronica Johnson – wait to meet billionaire Andrew Clifford, a man with an impressive art collection and a massive ego. Knowing the spectacular track record of Andrew’s past proteges, Veronica is vying for a coveted internship to follow in their footsteps. 

Pamela, however, is driven by something far more personal – her unwavering desire to destroy the legendary businessman.

Through dialogue, Author Alretha Thomas makes clear in the first chapter that Andrew learned nothing from the #metoo movement. Thomas then transports readers back to the 90s, where we meet a younger version of Andrew through the experiences of struggling strip club hostess Elizabeth. Thomas, who is also an award-winning playwright, director, producer and actress, demonstrates her expertise in character development through a series of vivid flashbacks.

Through alternating perspectives between Pamela and Elizabeth, Thomas writes in two distinct, entirely believable voices to create a harrowing shared experience spanning decades. It’s a powerful technique that builds over time and pays repeatedly off thanks to multiple well-timed reveals. 

While Pamela’s intentions and Andrew’s character flaws are both established early on, if you’re thinking Pamela’s plan for vengeance will be predictable, think again. Thomas manages to deliver plenty of high-impact surprises along the way. While putting herself squarely in danger to pull it off, Pamela’s ingenious scheme requires assembling an alliance of like-minded conspirators. Watching her orchestrate the plan to bring down this titan of industry – and pivot when it all seems to unravel – makes for riveting reading. 

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