The Guardians, a Satisfying Legal Thriller by John Grisham

The Bottom Line: Grisham proves again why he’s one of the greatest authors of our time.

Legendary author John Grisham’s latest novel focuses on Quincy Miller, a man convicted of killing his attorney despite having much evidence against him. Miller consistently proclaims his innocence during 22 years in prison.

His case is finally taken up by Cullen Post, a lawyer, Episcopal minister, and founder of a nonprofit called Guardian Ministries. Post specializes in fighting wrongful convictions and taking on clients forgotten by the system. Was Miller framed for killing an attorney over two decades ago? Was race a factor?

But as Post gets to work advocating for Miller, he finds that there are powerful people who don’t want him set free. And if they are the same people who really killed Miller’s attorney, they won’t hesitate to kill again.

Guardians is a classic potboiler. As talented as Post is, it’s clear early on that being a passionate attorney won’t be enough. He’ll have to also play detective, and ultimately, warrior. While Grisham takes his time building the narrative, the empathy felt for both Miller and Post comes immediately. It’s that emotional resonance that makes this a page-turner.

In the audiobook version, narrator Michael Beck’s southern drawl perfectly embodies small town Florida. When Beck describes a man on death row and the hours leading up to the execution, the effect is beyond chilling, taking readers to a place only possible through the audio version.

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