The Jigsaw Man, a Medical Thriller by Leigh Goodison

What if you woke up one day looking like a completely different person? Could you live with the consequences? Or would the trauma turn you into a psychopathic killer?

The Jigsaw Man front coverAfter Dr. Thea Donovan performs reconstructive facial surgery on severely injured fireman Malcolm Dean, she is ecstatic with the results.

The Reflesh procedure she pioneered with software guru Erik Sorenson far exceeds her expectations.

There’s just one problem: the patient doesn’t agree.

In fact, the surgery altered his appearance to such an extent that it seems to have changed his personality from a caring, bereaved father and husband, to a man with psychopathic tendencies.

Then when a series of unsolved murders point toward Malcolm Dean Thea must confront the possibility that she has created a killer.

And as she uncovers evidence to prove her patient’s innocence, she inadvertently reveals a thirty year old murder mystery.

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