The Unexpected Hostage, the Year’s Best Political Thriller 

The Bottom LineWinner, Best Political Thriller, The Book Awards. Highly recommended.

Best Political Thriller Book

Nothing in her life has been stable since Tess’s beloved fiancé Kyle died in a tragic accident.

She’s spent the past year hell-bent on outrunning her grief, jetting between high-stakes meetings and the rock clubs where she can disappear.

Avoiding her pain was almost working…

…until she and her colleagues are taken hostage by a violent Eastern European terrorist group.

With no means to escape her captors, Tess and fellow captive Mark must rely on one another to survive.

Together, they’ll risk their lives and endure a brutal journey toward freedom as they forge a bond that neither can forget.

The mysteries of the past refuse to lay dormant for long as Tess is thrust into the center of another international cybercrime and uncovers the shocking truth about Kyle’s death.

This time, she’ll need Mark’s help to avenge her losses as she races across the globe to save her company…and their lives.

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