Shadowed Horizons, the Year’s Best Paranormal Thriller

The Bottom LineWinner, Best Paranormal Thriller, The Book Awards. Highly recommended.. 

Paranormal Thriller

A young psychic hunted by a psychopath.

A tech genius determined to protect.

A fate they can’t deny.

Kiera Channon’s unique abilities make her a prime target for shadowy figures intent on dominating the supernatural world.

Raised by a group of like-minded psychics, she has the unique ability to link with the two wolves that protect her.

Advanced keyboard skills and innate curiosity lead Wyatt McGlauklin to invent the unimaginable.

When a blonde spitfire steps out of nowhere to prevent his assassination, his life’s direction takes an extraordinary turn his analytical mind can’t validate.

Kiera’s vow to protect Wyatt adds a new dimension to her life, a growing attraction difficult to ignore.

Only by combining forces can they navigate the murky waters of betrayal and deceit to survive.

Garrett’s tautly-woven plot and compelling characters add up to a winning combination.

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