The Wife Between Us, a Crime Thriller by Greer Hendricks

The Bottom Line: Fans of Gone Girl will love Venessa Thompson, the book’s deliciously unreliable narrator.

From the start, The Wife Between Us is a grand setup, a literary house of mirrors intended to invite expectations and then destroy them one by one.

So yes, it’s contrived.

But is it good? You betcha.

This fast-paced story about a love triangle gone really wrong is driven by the insanely jealous nature in most of us, especially our exes, and especially when marriage is involved.

To say much more would spoil the book’s many surprises, but given credentials of the book’s authors, the thrills should come as no surprise. Greer Hendricks is a veteran editor at
Simon & Schuster. Meanwhile, former investigative journalist Sarah Pekkenen is the author of seven novels.

Let’s hope the two are already collaborating on a second book.

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