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Vince Flynn’s Kill Shot Available for Pre-Order

The wait is over for all you Vince Flynn fans out there! His new book, Kill Shot, is now available. Here’s wishing Vince good health, and another bestseller! For months, Mitch Rapp has been steadily working his way through a list of men, bullet by bullet. With each kill, the tangled network of monsters responsible for the slaughter of 270 civilians becomes increasingly clear. He …

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Best Books: The Top 5 Thrillers of 2010

So many books to read and so little time. We’ve read more great books this year than in any other in recent memory. Increasingly, talented authors seem to be drifting into the thriller genre with new approaches to familiar literary conventions. Here’s our take on the best of the best so far.

Best Books: Top 5 Apocalypse Thrillers

With apocalypse thrillers all the rage at the box office over the past few years (2012, anyone?), it’s easy to forget how many great books are devoted to a modern-day Revelations. Check out our top picks and weigh in with your own.

Best Books: Top 5 Psychological Thrillers of the 2000s

What makes a great psychological thriller? First and foremost, a confounding mystery that is disturbing and at times nearly hallucinogenic. A compelling protagonist whose life is in constant danger. A juicy assortment of clues, both red herrings and genuine puzzle pieces, that don’t quite fit into place until the very end. And a master craftsman at the help who can simultaneously draw the reader in, …

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Best Thrillers: The Summer Reading List, Part 1

Already thinking about beach books for summer vacation? Consider these new and upcoming thrillers. Line of Succession, by William Tyree After a series of political assassinations throw Washington leadership into disarray, a group of Pentagon insiders begin retaliating against Islamic radicals abroad while several forces seemingly vie for control of the White House behind the scenes. All is far from what it seems, however, as …

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2009’s Most Satisfying Political Thrillers

With the holiday season upon us, the year’s major political thrillers are now in wide release. The genre’s most prolific authors put out another bumper crop of assassins, rogue intelligence agents, dirty politicians and bleeding edge technology. Relative newcomers stormed the scene, finding more readers than ever thanks to Amazon’s Kindle.  Here’s how our list shapes up: Pursuit of Honor, by Vince Flynn CIA Agent …

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The 10 Best Crime Thrillers Set in Los Angeles

When it comes to staging crime thrillers, the stories almost always take place in New York, New Jersey, Chicago or Las Vegas.  Think about it. A significant portion of heist and gangster films involve the mafia as central or ancillary characters, making those places are practically automatic. Even when there isn’t a gangster component, you’ve got the writer/director that wants to make his mark in …

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