Chris Morgan Jones Releases Debut Novel “An Agent of Deceit” this June

After having worked at the largest business intelligence agency in the world for over a decade, Chris Morgan Jones has turned his attention to fiction writing. This summer, he is going to release his first novel An Agent of Deceit that is already being described on various websites, including PanMacmillan as a “gripping and sophisticated modern thriller in the vein of Le Carre.

Ben Webster is a journalist who conducts an investigation into a corrupt Russian business in Kazakhstan, only to have it crushed by those who do not take kindly to such scrutiny. Disillusioned, he quits the field of journalism and takes on a job at a private London intelligence agency.

When approached by a client who wants him to look into and expose the dealings of Konstantin Malin – a Russian oligarch with a shadowy background – Webster finds himself interested and very soon involved in a whirlwind of an investigation into not just Malin but also his front man Richard Lock.

On the other hand, when one of Malin’s associates turns up dead after a meeting with Webster, Lock begins to realize his own life may be in danger. Unwilling to become a pawn in this deadly game and desperate to start a new life with his estranged wife, Lock needs to make some difficult decisions. And therein begins the saga of thrill, romance, deception, and danger.


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