Codename Parsifal, The Year’s Best Military Thriller

The Bottom LineWinner, Best Military Thriller, The Book Awards. Highly recommended.

Best Miltary Thriller Book

Inspired by historical events…

Martin Roy Hill’s award-winning military thriller focuses on the quest for the The Spear of Destiny, the Roman Legionnaire’s lance that pierced Christ’s body as he hung on the cross.

Legend claims whomever possesses it will become a great conqueror.

But if they lose it, they will lose everything—including their lives.

Shortly before WWII, Hitler stole the spear from a museum in Vienna.

In the last weeks of the European war, he lost it. General George Patton orders an American OSS team to find the spear and recover it.

Unknown to the Americans, both the Russians and the Germans have also sent commando teams to retrieve it.

In the dying embers of Europe’s largest conflagration, the three teams are on a collision course that will lead them to one of the evilest places on earth—the ideological heart of the Nazi SS.

The combination of religious ideology, superstition, myth – as well as the fact that some of what appears in the book actually happened – make this a page-turner.

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