Face of the Assassin, an Action-Packed Thriller by Bill Brewer

The Bottom Line: An action-packed ride with Mission Impossible-style twists and turns in every chapter.

After discovering that his mom has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, assassin David Diegert is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her alive. That includes exacting revenge on the Wei family for his powerful and wealthy father, who holds the keys to ensuring his mom’s expensive state-of-the-art care.

But this mission is unlike any other. In order to infiltrate the family, Diegert will slip into the ultimate disguise, so intricate that his target will never know who is behind the hit. Yet, after his mission is over, it’s Diegert who will have to come to terms with his own identity when he unexpectedly falls in love with Julie, a woman who knows nothing of his past.

Will Diegert keep his deadly profession hidden, or will he risk losing the love of his life, and the opportunity to start clean and have a chance at a new life?

Author Bill Brewer has matured his protagonist, creating a character arc that will be evident to anyone binge-reading the series. Accordingly, longtime fans will love both the heart-pounding action and the heart-wrenching personal choices that Diegert faces in this fourth book. Readers will also enjoy getting a deeper look into the inner struggles of Diegert’s profession, allegiances and humanity.

First timers should start with the excellent Dawn of the Assassin, jumping into the beginning of the story to experience the blistering pace of this exceptional series.

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