Ripple Effect, an Award-Winning Conspiracy Thriller by Amy Rivers

The Bottom Line: The year’s best conspiracy thriller (Winner, The Book Awards). Highly recommended.

Best Conspiracy Thriller

From the author of ALL THE BROKEN PEOPLE

Comes Book 3 in the A Legacy of Silence series.

Time is running out.

Tilly’s life is on the line.

Psychologist Kate Medina is on a mission to dismantle the human trafficking ring that has plagued her hometown for decades.

Frustrated by a lack of hard evidence, Kate focuses on community education in hopes of taking away the abusers’ ability to hide in plain sight.

Will Kate uncover the truth behind the trafficking ring?

And if so, will she learn the truth in time to save her sister?

As the investigation leads to several arrests, the traffickers become more desperate, escalating their violence and brutality.

When the ring abducts her sister Tilly and murders a potential ally, Kate seeks help from a person who she knows to be complicit in the abuse.

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