The Blue Hour Sanction, an Award-Winning Action Thriller by Landon Beach

The Bottom Line: The year’s best action thriller (Winner, The Book Awards). Highly recommended.

Best Action Thriller Book

How did a young woman from a small town in Michigan become the most lethal assassin that the world has ever known?

College heptathlete Margaret Crandall is invited to compete for a spot with a secret company to become an elite assassin. While still in the training pipeline, her mentor is murdered attempting to kill the billionaire shipping tycoon.

His name is Victor Lars Junius.

Junius is a member of a global criminal empire and is attempting to transform himself into the legendary actor Richard Burton.

As a result, Margaret is promoted and given a new name: Adrienne Astra.

Her first mission? Sanction Junius.

However, a mole at the off-the-books company is already plotting Adrienne’s demise.

The Blue Hour Sanction is the latest gem in Beach’s string of award-winning books.

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