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Standby Counsel, the The Year’s Best Legal Thriller, by Alexi Venice

The Bottom Line: A sexy legal thriller that deftly blends an international terror plot with romantic obsession.┬áHonored as the Best Legal Thriller of 2021. Despite having no experience in criminal defense, civil attorney Monica Spade is ordered to represent an accused murderer. The accused, a demure Romanian woman named Stela, purportedly stabbed her boyfriend 13 […]

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Graffiti Red Murder, a highly original LGBTQ+ crime thriller by Alexi Venice

The Bottom Line: A highly original LGBTQ+ crime thriller with eye-popping doses of murder, mystery and romance. In Alexi Venice’s third Monica Spade Novel, the battle-tested attorney agrees to represent a surgeon police want to question regarding the brutal murder of two of her patients. Monica learns that the surgeon, Dr. Nicole Kershaw, also has […]

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