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Alex Berenson 12 Days

Book Review: 12 Days, a new Espionage Thriller by Alex Berenson

The Bottom Line: The sequel to The Counterfeit Agent that die-hard Alex Berenson fans deserve. The ninth installment in Alex Berenson’s John Wells series is a globetrotting shell game that winds through Saudi Arabia, Russia, Washington and elsewhere. The series, which began with The Faithful Spy, is built around John Wells, an American intelligence operative. Wells was once embedded […]

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Review: Alex Berenson’s The Night Ranger

Until now, Alex Berenson’s John Wells series was one of diminishing returns. After an amazing debut in The Faithful Spy, the thriller in which we were introduced to the CIA operative that nearly went too deep in his undercover role with the Taliban, and a good sophomore outing, there’s been little to write about. Fortunately, […]

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