New John Wells Novel Available for Pre-Order

Alex Berenson's The Secret Soldier
Alex Berenson's The Secret Soldier

Thriller writer Alex Berenson, author of The Faithful Spy and three subsequent novels, has just wrapped up his fifth in the series of John Wells novels, “The Secret Soldier.” The book is now available for pre-order on

There’s no book trailer as of yet.

Here’s the product description from the publisher:

John Wells may have left the CIA, but it hasn’t left him. A mysterious call brings a surprise meeting with the aged monarch of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah. “My kingdom is on a precipice,” he tells Wells. “Powerful factions are plotting against me, and my own family is in danger. I don’t know who I can trust, but I’m told I can trust you.”

Reluctantly, and with the secret blessing of the CIA, Wells goes undercover; but the more he learns, the more complicated things become, and soon he, too, is unsure whom to trust, in Saudi Arabia or Washington. One thing, however, is clear: If the conspirators prevail, it will mean more than the fall of a monarch-it may be the beginning of the final conflagration between America and Islam.

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