The Gem Connection, a Mystery by Michael R. Lane

Clinton Windell is brutally murdered in his Southwest Hills mansion and robbed of twenty million dollars in uncut gems. An anonymous client hires ex-DEA agent turned private investigator, C.J. Cavanaugh and his junior partner, Renita Harris, to root out the Windell murderers.

There’s only one catch. C.J. and his partner must not reveal to anyone they are working on the case.

To complicate matters further C.J. and Renita must deceive Cavanaugh’s long-time lover and dogged Homicide Detective, Destini Pendleton, who is assigned to head the high profile investigation.

To maintain normal appearances, C.J. and Renita arrange to do a standard insurance inquiry on Genevieve Windell, the primary benefactor of her late husband. When Mrs. Windell turns out to be a prime suspect in her husband’s murder, C.J. and Renita find themselves boxed in.

Between the killers, Detective Pendleton, the insurance company, and their omnipotent and ominous mystery client, C.J., has to utilize all of his cunning and training to keep him and his partner out of prison or the morgue long enough to capture the killers.

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