The Light Reapers, a Chilling Terrorism Thriller by Gary Hickman

The Bottom Line: A chilling terrorism thriller tailor-made for fans of I Am Pilgrim and World War Z.

A joint effort between German and Dutch scientists to cure Alzheimers and other neurological disorders could have changed the world for the better. Instead, the formula has fallen into the hands of terrorists. By the time the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne unit hears about it, ISIS has purportedly taken the deadly result to Dearborn, Michigan.

Author and combat veteran Gary Hickman has created a compelling premise that delivers plenty of suspense and breathless action. Among bioterrorism thrillers, The Light Reapers dares to imagine what might happen if breakthrough neuroscience was weaponized not by just one terrorist group, but rather by an alliance of innovative, like-minded conspirators. The book’s initial intelligence briefing lays the foundation for the book’s many twists and turns without becoming overly scientific.

As the unit deploys to rescue a scientist that may be key to saving the planet, Hickman develops memorable characters without slowing down the pace of the narrative. While charismatic soldiers like “Motown,” “Voodoo” and “Cotton” round out the group, the story ultimately belongs to Captain Webb and Master Sergeant Priest, whose unrelenting bravery and humor will endear themselves to military thriller fans.

The Light Reapers isn’t a zombie apocalypse thriller pe se, but readers are advised to keep an open mind with respect to the virus’ rather supernatural effect on its victims. Fans of World War Z will be right at home.

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