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Book marketing strategies and tips for mystery and thriller writers. Advice on book reviews, awards, audiobook publishing, cover art, publishing and more.

8 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Use Book Reviews To Market and Sell Your Novel

Whether you’re an indie author or signed with one of the majors, one of the most underutilized assets writers & publishers have are book reviews. If you’re like most, your book has acquired a mix of unsolicited reviews, paid reviews from sites such as Kirkus or Clarion, and blurbs from fellow writers. How that you’ve got feedback, you need to put these precious reviews to use. Here’s how

The Book Marketing Landscape Infographic

How does an unknown author create a bestseller? While it’s still possible to create a runaway hit based on nothing more than a great story and rapid word-of-mouth, it’s an exceedingly rare phenomenon. We here at Best Thrillers wanted to know. Our new infographic, The Book Marketing Landscape, illustrates some of the most popular services and platforms that help authors gain significant sales traction. Please find analysis and sources below the …

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book marketing

Four No-Nonsense Book Marketing Tips from Publishing Experts

A book, no matter how impressively written, will not sell itself. All too often, authors are a one-person-band, in charge of the writing, editing, marketing and selling. The process can be exciting, but also frustrating. Here are a few refreshing tips and reminders from industry experts. The Importance of Marketing Consultants Companies like Amazon have provided a host of marketing tools for self-published authors, and they can be …

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How to Create a Book Marketing Plan That Works

So you’ve completed a great novel. What now? How do you get it noticed by book buyers and convince them to buy it? If you’re a self-published writer, you might think that writers signing with publishers don’t have to do any marketing planning at all. And you’d be wrong. In fact, we get a lot of mail from first-time authors that goes just like this: “my agent/publishing house …

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