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The latest thriller books and movies are announced on, including political thrillers, suspense, spy thrillers, supernatural thrillers and more.

Yearn to Fear, the Year’s Best Spy Thriller!

The Bottom Line: High-stakes tech meets romantic suspense in this heart-pounding thriller.  Voted the Best Spy Thriller of 2021. Scientist Marcus Hall’s new invention, the Marc1, is a breakthrough in 5G technology. But it’s also a marvel of neuroscience. After causing drowsiness and deep sleep, it hyper-stimulates emotions while turning off higher-functioning brain activity. While […]

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Alejandro’s Lie, the Year’s Best Political Thriller

The Bottom Line: Honored in the Best Thriller Book Awards as the Best Political Thriller of 2021. Terreno, 1983, Latin America. After a dictatorship of ten years, the brutal junta, lead by general Pelarón, seems to waver. Alejandro Juron, guitarist of the famous poet and folk singer Victor Pérez who’s been executed by the junta, […]

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The Three Lives of Richie O’Malley, the Year’s Best Crime Thriller

The Bottom Line: Honored in the Best Thriller Book Awards as the Best Crime Thriller of 2021. At the end of his life, a man is forced to face his past in the cold light of truth. That’s the official hype, anyway…Richie – a lifelong mob hitman – must come to terms with the death […]

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Cover Your Tracks, the Year’s Best Action Thriller By Daco Auffenorde

The Bottom Line:  Honored in the Best Thriller Book Awards as the Best Action Thriller of 2021. Margo Fletcher, eight months pregnant, is traveling by train from Chicago to Spokane, her childhood home. While passing through an isolated portion of the Rockies in blizzard conditions, the train unexpectedly brakes. Up ahead, deadly snow from a […]

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JK’s Code, The Year’s Best Conspiracy Thriller

The Bottom Line: A timely, compulsively readable political and legal thriller that wryly connects the terrors of the dark web with the fragile state of democracy. Honored in the Best Thriller Book Awards as the Best Conspiracy Thriller of 2021. In a world where activists like Julian Assange have become famous for extravagant government exposes, […]

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FREEZE BEFORE BURNING, a riveting whodunnit by Nikki Stern

The Bottom Line:  A riveting whodunnit featuring a truly creative killer and one of the most compelling new sleuths in the genre. A serial killer is at work in New York City. The three seemingly unrelated victims – a priest, a librarian and a bartender – have been forced to swallow dry ice. And we’re […]

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A Quantum Alibi, The Year’s Best Sci-Fi Thriller

The Bottom Line: Murder mystery meets quantum fiction in this addictive, cinematic novel from the author of The Newton Code. Honored in the Best Thriller Book Awards as the Best Sci-Fi Thriller of 2021. Liam Fialkov’s latest novel opens with a lecture at Columbia University by Professor Patrick Eldrige, an authority on quantum physics. Eldridge […]

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