See No More, One of the Year’s Best Thrillers

The Bottom Line: See No More is a near-perfect blend of sci-fi and spy fiction. One of the year’s best thrillers.

Twenty-five years after her father left the family, therapist Kate Randolph is enjoying a happy, stable life, until a phone call announcing the death of Jeffrey Randolph rocks her world. Kate has searched for the scientist without success over the years, going so far as to hire two private investigators. In need of both emotional and legal closure, she reluctantly agrees to go to Oregon for the funeral.

As Kate soon discovers, her father had good reasons for hiding not only his location, but also his identity. He also left something important that she must retrieve from his coffin. As Kate prepares to go to the funeral home, the questions racing through her mind range from the most human (“Will he look peaceful”?) to the most terrifying (“Do you think my Dad was murdered?”).

The page-turner that follows is sure to please fans of both Douglas E. Richards and Daniel Silva.  Chock-full of surprises, the novel’s surprisingly high stakes reach far beyond Kate’s personal safety. Credit author W.B. Dineen with creating a powerful novel about personal identity wrapped within a breathtaking thriller.

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