The First Lady, a Top Beach Reach from James Patterson and Brenden Dubois

The Bottom Line: A great beach read from the world’s #1 bestselling writer.

If you’ve never read James Patterson but don’t want to commit to a full series, his latest release The First Lady may be the perfect choice for your summer reading queue.

Secret service agent Sally Grissom is uneasy when she’s summoned to a private meeting with the President and his Chief of Staff. As you’ve figured out from the book’s title, she’s informed that the First Lady has disappeared.

Worse, Salley has strict orders to keep the bombshell news a secret.

The news comes after a scandalous public revelation of the president’s extramarital affair (if you’re thinking that this is ripped from the headlines, rest assured that the affair does not closely resemble anything currently in the news). Could the First Lady simply be taking some much-needed time away at a horse farm in Virginia?

Nope. A  ransom note that arrives along with the First Lady’s finger raises the stakes substantially.

While The First Lady never reaches the lofty heights of Patterson’s 2018 hit The President is Missing, it’s still a winner for anyone looking for a one-off beach read. More than anyone, Patterson knows how to create engaging fiction that grabs from the very first chapter and never lets go. Billed as a one-off, Sally Grisson is a series-worthy character that we wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

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