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The Brains of the Operation, a Highly Recommended Prison Thriller

The Bottom Line: A must-read for crime fiction fans. In Jason Palmer’s long-awaited follow-up to his excellent prison thriller The Big Guy, supersized Seamax prison inmate Percy Croft is at a crossroads. With only a few months left on his sentence, he wants nothing more than to just keep his nose clean and get released. Unfortunately, […]

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Thrash, an Unputdownable Superhero Thriller by Jason Palmer

The Bottom Line: Deadpool fans will adore this superhero thriller. Thrash deftly combines dark comedy and dystopian sci-fi to create one of the most original stories of the year. Thirty-five-year-old shapeshifter Harry McComber remembers the good old days, when a universally adored superhero named Enduro helped people. For his many acts of saving grace, Enduro […]

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The Big Guy, a Superb Prison Thriller by Jason Palmer

The Bottom Line: This gritty, masterfully crafted thriller about one man’s quest to survive incarceration is a worthy addition to the canon of great prison novels. Seamax prison inmate Percy Croft has kept his nose clean while serving nearly four years of a five-year sentence. He’s got a cushy job in the prison’s furniture factory, […]

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