The Guest List, an Satisfying Romp of a Crime Thriller by Lucy Foley

The Bottom Line: A twisty murder mystery that recommended for fans of Knives Out.

Your worst fears about destination weddings come true in Lucy Foley’s new thriller, set on an island off the Irish coast. The bride and groom are a power couple – him a TV star, her a magazine publisher.  It’s an extravagant affair, which so much weight put into getting all the details right that it would turn any reasonable person into a bridezilla.

Naturally, best-laid plans begin to unravel at once. Foley’s perfect cast of pompous bridesmaids and groomsmen behave very badly. Readers looking for relatable characters should seek solace elsewhere. To put it plainly, nearly Foley’s characters are horrible people.

By the time the inevitable murder happens, readers will likely have their own shortlist of plausible suspects. Fortunately, Foley is an expert at keeping her cards close to the vest while simultaneously building a bulletproof case for the real murderer hidden in plain sight.

The Guest List is a satisfying light romp, and whatever it has to say about the pettiness and emotional turbulence that tend to ruin many events involving close friends and family is far less important than the suspense that builds expertly until the very end.


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