The Kingfish Commission, a Suspense Thriller by Hal M. Harrison

Rob Baldwin is the middle-aged, middle-class owner-operator of a small-town radio station in Louisiana.

The Kingfish CommissionThat means he anchors a daily talk show, sells advertising, manages a small staff — and vacuums the offices on weekends.

Sherry LeVasseur is a media-buyer for an advertising agency in Baton Rouge purchasing commercial airtime from Rob’s station, and dozens of others throughout the state, for a popular riverboat casino.

When a mutual friend is murdered in the middle of a muddy swamp, Baldwin and LeVasseur uncover a wide-ranging and deadly conspiracy: a scheme to manipulate the licensing of New Orleans’ newest tourist attraction — the world’s largest casino.

It’s a swamp water suspense novel — part political thriller and part atmospheric, page-turning suspense thriller. Book #1 in the Kingfish corruption series.

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