What You Did, an Engaging Psychological Thriller by Claire McGowan

The Bottom Line: Big Little Lies meets The Big Chill. A thoroughly engaging whodunnit.

Ah, reunions. They are always filled with both anticipation and dread. But in Claire McGowan’s new novel, the 20th anniversary get together of six college friends is also a deadly one.

Host Ali finally has the life she always wanted: a career she can be proud of and a wonderful family with the college boyfriend that she eventually married. But it all comes crashing down with friend Karen staggers in front the garden, bleeding.

Karen claims that Ali’s husband assaulted her. But did he? Friend Mike offers a different version of events.

Fans of Big Little Lies will appreciate the drama and deception that can grow out of even close friendships. McGowan skillfully uses Ali to examine the human capacity to block out painful memories from the past and focus on what is convenient.

Those who stay the course will be rewarded with an explosive, satisfying ending.

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