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Falling, a Must-Read Psychological Thriller by T.J. Newman

In T.J. Newman’s new thriller, a commercial aircraft pilot is leaving his home just as a repairman shows up to fix the Internet. He doesn’t give it much thought, distracted by his wife’s ire over the fact that he’s missing his son’s game. What neither of him understand is that the repairman is in fact […]

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Brad Thor

10 Authors Like Brad Thor

Since the debut of his first novel in 2002, Brad Thor has become the gold standard for fans of military fiction, terrorism thrillers and political thrillers. But what happens when ravenous fans polish off Thor’s terrific back catalogue? I’m often asked by our readers: what are the best writers like Brad Thor? If you love […]

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Stadelheim: Tower of Torment, a Highly Original Thriller by Skye Smith

The Bottom Line: A highly original thriller featuring one of the creepiest neo-Nazis in contemporary literature. Recommended for fans of serial killer thrillers and contemporary horror. Set in the early 1990s, Skye Smith’s debut novel tells the story of a wealthy neo-Nazi predator named Dale and the twisted obsessions that threaten a group of unsuspecting […]

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The Best Thriller Books of 2021 So Far

2021 has been an amazing year for mystery and thriller fans so far. From pulse-pounding paranormal thrillers to romantic suspense, crime, historical thrillers and more, fans of been treated to a virtual library filled with new treasures. So who is on our mid-year list? Debut novelist T.J. Newman is a standout. Newman’s terrifying thriller about […]

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Furious, an Excellent Psychological Thriller on the High Seas

The Bottom Line: An expertly paced psychological thriller on the high seas. As Furious begins, surgeons Dr. Dagny Steele and her husband, Brad, are grieving the loss of their daughter. Dagny seems to resent how quickly Brad has returned to normalcy, while Brad wants her to move on with her life. He also has a […]

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The Moscow Affair, a High-Stakes Murder Mystery by Nancy Boyarsky

The Bottom Line: Clear your calendar for a high-stakes international murder mystery that is as engrossing as it is timeless. The sixth book in the Nicole Graves series finds the clever private investigator whirling in a mix of ennui and worry. Her fiancé, an agent for an undisclosed organization, has been missing for eight months. […]

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Mr. Simpson and Other Short Stories, a Deliciously Ruthless Collection by Stephen Maitland-Lewis

The Bottom Line: Deliciously ruthless predators rule in this collection of stories about deceit, deception, fraud and power. Highly recommended. Stephen Maitland-Lewis, author of the pulse-pounding financial thriller Duped, is back with a collection of suspenseful stories that succeed wildly in chronicling the relentless pursuit of success, status and survival. The book opens with a […]

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Crickets, a Stunning Debut Thriller by Lee Chappel

The Bottom Line: A small-town psychological thriller with a big-time payoff. This stunning debut novel is a must-read for Gillian Flynn fans. “Mine’s one of those stories that can’t be true,” says Kara Peterson in the first chapter of Crickets. Kara, the daughter of Paige, Ohio’s former Sheriff, accused Dalton Rolenfeld of rape a decade […]

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Now & Then, an Expertly Paced Serial Killer Thriller by Justin M. Kiska

The Bottom Line: This expertly paced tale of a resurgent serial killer and his seasoned adversary delivers multiple shockers that fans won’t soon forget. First-time novelist Justin M. Kiska puts a delicious spin on the “one last job” trope as small town police chief Ben Winters is thrust into a career-defining nightmare just before retirement. […]

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Tokyo Zangyo, an Awe-Inspiring Detective Hiroshi Novel by Michael Pronko

The Bottom Line: Pronko’s best Hiroshi series book yet. Hiroshi is now as synonymous with Tokyo crime fiction as Harry Bosch is to LA noir. Detective Hiroshi’s latest case revolves around the likely suicide of a Japanese media executive who appears to have jumped from the roof of a 20-story building. He died in the […]

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