Stolen Truth, an Irresistable Psychological Thriller by Henya Drescher

The Bottom Line: An irresistible psychological thriller that fans of Gone Girl and Girl on a Train will fall head-over-heels for.

As Stolen Truth begins, new mother Bree Michaelson wakes up at home drugged, disoriented and confused about the scent of paint and bleach overwhelming her senses. Nauseous and unsteady, she naturally fears for her newborn son. After crawling to his room, her worst fears are confirmed: he’s gone.

As if that isn’t enough, her husband and their midwife are missing as well.

Seatbelts are required for what comes next: no one, including her family and the police, believe her story. Was she ever married to begin with? Was there even a baby?

Quite certain about her memories, Bree is determined to do whatever it takes to find them. It’s only when her sister commits her to a hospital psych ward, while reminding her of a false pregnancy she once experienced, that Bree begins to doubt her own story — and her own sanity. Will she fight to find the truth or resign herself to believing that it is all in her own mind?

In a world where literature is suddenly filled with unreliable narrators, Bree is a rare standout. Her anxieties, recollections and flaws are both unique and highly vivid. Overall, Drescher delivers the kind of absorbing psychological thriller that will delight readers who love The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl.

Beware: so engrossing is Drescher’s plot, that this is just the kind of novel that might cause you to lose track of meetings, bedtimes, and indeed, your entire life.

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